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The International Women’s Forum Finland advances leadership across careers, cultures and continents by connecting the world’s most preeminent women of significant and diverse achievement. The IWF brings together more than 6,800 women leaders in 33 nations to exchange ideas, to learn, to inspire, and to build better mentoring and connectivity. 

One of the key reasons for our membership is the possibility to meet women one would not otherwise meet. A second and equally important reason is peer support. The mission of IWF is to offer a basis for these peer-to-peer women to share inspiration and knowledge and support one another in trustworthy environment. 

We organize various themed events for our members. The events are led by both speakers amongst members as well as third-party guests. We wish to gather our members together in small groups to discuss chosen themes, the objective of which is to offer a base for profound and extensive discussions in an atmosphere of mutual trust.


Our mission

We are The Point of Reference when women leaders in Finland are discussed

We are a major force in driving the development and discussion around female leadership in Finland


With women leaders you win

Our purpose

To advance women in leadership

To connect as women - in Finland and globally

To grow as leaders

Whom to

Senior women leaders - at the peak of their domain

Young women leaders with a proven track record on their way to the top corporations – who are ready to support and benefit from women in leadership

We provide

A global peer-to-peer network of women leaders

Ability to learn from and connect with like-minded women

Professional advancement and career progression through a valuable network

Sisterhood and support

Advancement of essential leadership capabilities

The leadership of today - and tomorrow


Finance and world affairs

Coaching leadership

How we do it

Dine Around -events

Themed events

Mentoring program

Sparring events

Global conferences

Actively building bridges globally

Our values

No queen bees: We are diverse, open and supportive

Trust and support: We build trust and nurture a safe and supportive environment

Determination: We are determined to make a difference to each other and the next generation women leaders.



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Past events

Exclusive visit at the Danish Embassy

- Christmas Drinks

27/11/2019 at 17.00

Danish Ambassador Charlotta Laursen graciously invites IWF members to enjoy Christmas Drinks at her residency. Come and meet the Ambassador and your peer IWF members and enjoy a brief relaxed moment of Christmas Spirit. 


Board members

Behind The Scenes


Member Stories

IWF Member Stories by Maria Carlsson

Maria Carlsson

Maria is a Lady of many Careers, a Partner at Bird & Bird Attorneys, a guest lecturer at the University of Helsinki, certified coach, and published writer in the areas of leadership and executive coaching.

1. How do you manage all this? 

“Since when I can remember, I have been interested in many different things. I never knew what I wanted to become as a grownup - I was the high school vocation advisor's nightmare. "

"When I studied law in London some twelve years ago, I began to study coaching as well. I had been doing some research on it in Finland, and in London, I found a suitable school. I finished my certification studies in Finland and founded a coaching company with a friend in 2006. My first book, Esimies ja Coaching, came out of this cooperation."

"For many years, I did legal work, coaching and writing simultaneously. At some point I realized that society did not consider this normal; the norm was having one full-time job. In order for you to become seen as an expert in your field, you needed to put all your time into just that one, chosen field, or people would doubt your skills. During the years I became an expert at wearing just one hat at a time. I am very happy that this perception is now changing.”