IWF Finland is part of the International Women’s Forum (IWF), which is an invitation-only membership organization of more than 7,000 diverse and accomplished women from 34 nations on six continents.
IWF Finland has over 70 members, representing the leaders in corporate life, public administration, culture, science and arts. IWF advances women’s leadership and champions equality worldwide by connecting accomplished women into a welcoming and supportive peer-to-peer network of trust both locally and globally.


Our mission

We are The Point of Reference when women leaders in Finland are discussed

We are a major force in driving the development and discussion around female leadership in Finland


With women leaders you win

Our purpose

To advance women in leadership

To connect as women - in Finland and globally

To grow as leaders

Whom to

Senior women leaders - at the peak of their domain

Young women leaders with a proven track record on their way to the top corporations – who are ready to support and benefit from women in leadership

We provide

A global peer-to-peer network of women leaders

Ability to learn from and connect with like-minded women

Professional advancement and career progression through a valuable network

Sisterhood and support

Advancement of essential leadership capabilities

The leadership of today - and tomorrow


Finance and world affairs

Coaching leadership

How we do it

Dine Around -events

Themed events

Mentoring program

Sparring events

Global conferences

Actively building bridges globally

Our values

No queen bees: We are diverse, open and supportive

Trust and support: We build trust and nurture a safe and supportive environment

Determination: We are determined to make a difference to each other and the next generation women leaders.



Upcoming  events

Ritu Mehrish:

Female Leader's Block

22/10/2020 at 17

Published author and former business leader with over 20 years of corporate experience at P&G and GE, Ritu is an executive coach on a mission to humanise leadership. Ritu’s talk on ‘Leader’s Block’ will provide a refreshing perspective on leadership by exploring the challenges, dilemmas and blocks that leaders go through during their leadership journey.

Past events

Behind the Scenes:

Annual Meeting at restaurant Madonna

28/4/2020 at 16

The meeting at Miltton will be followed by Behind the Scenes dinner in one of the to-be trendiest Italian restaurants in town,  Madonna, which will be opened in March. The restaurateur of Madonna will reveal what it takes to succeed in the restaurant scene in Helsinki.  


Board members


Pictures by Ville-Valtteri Konttinen

Behind The Scenes

"As volunteers of IWF Finland, we are thrilled to be part of an organization that brings together empowered and exceptionally talented women. IWF Finland has given us a unique chance of self-development by surrounding us with magnificent women, as we believe that we are the average of the five people we most associate with.


 Our goal is to build bridges between generations and bring together women of all ages. We hope that one day we can share our knowledge and expertise with other like-minded and talented women in Finland and worldwide."

IWF Finland Membership criteria

In order to be welcomed as a Member of IWF Finland, a Candidate is expected to meet the following criteria:


  1. The Candidate is a distinguished influencer within his or her own field who is committed to promote women leadership and networking in a global environment.

  2. The Candidate possesses at least five years of experience in leadership.

  3. However, experience in leadership referred to above is not required within the field of science or art and other cultural fields and only the requirement of a distinguished influencer is to be met.

  4. At least two Members of IWF Finland are in favour of the Candidate’s membership and have expressed their position in writing.

  5. Due to particularly important reasons, the membership criteria may be fulfilled on other societal grounds than the requirements specified above in points 1 to 3.

The membership working committee of IWF Finland shall evaluate the membership applications and make proposals of new members to the Board of IWF Finland. The Board shall decide on new member appointments during board meetings.




Privacy Policy




Press inquiries

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