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IWF Finland Membership Criteria


IWF Finland is an invitation-only organization.

In order to be welcomed as a Member of IWF Finland, a Candidate is expected to meet the following criteria:


  1. The Candidate is a distinguished influencer within his or her own field who is committed to promote women leadership and networking in a global environment.

  2. The Candidate possesses at least five years of experience in leadership.

  3. However, experience in leadership referred to above is not required within the field of science or art and other cultural fields and only the requirement of a distinguished influencer is to be met.

  4. At least two Members of IWF Finland are in favour of the Candidate’s membership and have expressed their position in writing.

  5. Due to particularly important reasons, the membership criteria may be fulfilled on other societal grounds than the requirements specified above in points 1 to 3.

The membership working committee of IWF Finland shall evaluate the membership applications and make proposals of new members to the Board of IWF Finland. The Board shall decide on new member appointments during board meetings.

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