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IWF Cornerstone Conference in Helsinki 14-16.6. 2023

Cornerstone Conferences are held each year in regions and markets critical to the future which provide access to leaders with insight on topics impacting international progress, business, economics, ecology, enterprise, and the sustainability of human endeavor. Women Leaders come together across national and international boundaries to share knowledge and ideas, to enrich each other’s lives, to provide a network of support, and to exert influence.

Registration is now open!

For the IWF 2023 Cornerstone Conference: Thinking Differently in Helsinki, Finland.


Visit the conference website for full details.

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Why Helsinki? – Finland is consistently ranked in the top 5 best countries for women and has been ranked the happiest nation on earth for five consecutive years. It’s a pacesetter in technology. It is a leader in design and sustainability and is a strategically important nation in the shifting geopolitical landscape of Europe. What will you learn to help your decision-making as a leader?


First – the European security paradigm is disrupted. How are a belligerent Russia and a rising China shifting the military and geopolitical landscape in Europe? What may the future hold?


Second – technology continues to move at warp speed. What is quantum computing? How might it be used to meet challenges in medicine, energy, climate, and beyond?


Third – how you can spread happiness. We’ll discuss what happiness is, what fosters feelings of well-being, and whether we can change how we think to have a more optimistic outlook.

Join IWF members from around the world in Helsinki for expert insights, exclusive information, candor, and, most of all, respect for a diversity of views and beliefs.

image: Niko Laurila

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